CPROFILES™ is the first in Malaysia to introduce a Company Profile Kit (CP Kit™).

The kit features your company profile in digital and printed items such as :

CP Writeup
Company Profile in 4 or 8 Pages, With Layout Design, PDF Format.
CP Leaflet
Company Profile in A3 Size Leaflet, Centre Fold With Layout Design.
CP Booklet
Company Profile in 8 Pages, A4 Size Booklet With Layout Design.
CP Slides
Company Profile in 24 PowerPoint Slides With Layout Design.
CP Mobile Website
Company Profile in 1 Page, 2GB Server, .com
CP Website
Company Profile in 5 Pages, 10GB Server, .com
CP Video
Company Profile in 60 Seconds, Animated Text & Images Video Format.
Company Logo
Custom Design Original Company Logo, Master Copy AI File.
Company Biz Card
2 Sides Print + Matt Laminate
Company Folder
A4 Size, Inlay Pocket
Company Uniform
F1/Polo/T-Shirt/Jersey etc.
Company Signage
Lightbox/3D Box/Acrylic etc

All the digital CP Kit™ items are phone/tab friendly making it fast and easy for you to share your business info even with mobile phones.

Our CP Kit™ has been proven successful for companies to secure business deals, tenders, grants, sponsorships and loans as we have the right format for an effective company profile writeup.

Get your CP Kit™ today.






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